Founded in 1998, Guangdong Zhongtao Technology Co.,Ltd is a large-scale enterprise with nearly twenty years' experience making sanitary ware.
We always dedicate ourselves to the quality slogan - "AAA European Quality Standard" and have set up a strict, standard and elaborate management system.
As one of the manufacturers with the most complete supporting products in China, our main products involved wall hung toilet & bidet, back to wall toilet & bidet, one piece toilet, two piece toilet and basin.
Zhongtao products market are for Europe, Asia ,Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

CE Approved Modern Design Bathroom Ceramic Thin Edge Cabinet Basin


Cabinets and basins are a beautiful addition to modern home design. They are not only practical, but also add elegance and artistic flair to the bathroom.The cabinet basin is easy to install. You don’t need to consider the height of the bathroom cabinet or worry about matching it with the basin.

In addition, the cabinet basin is made of durable ceramics, which is made of a kind of clay fired at extremely high temperatures, which greatly improves the surface hardness and density, has stronger impact resistance, and has better anti-slip effect. With such quality assurance, consumers can not only use it with confidence, but also get a longer service life.

Maintaining Ceramic sinks is very easy to maintain. They can be cleaned simply with soap and water and require no special cleaners or treatments.

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