Founded in 1998, Guangdong Zhongtao Technology Co.,Ltd is a large-scale enterprise with nearly twenty years' experience making sanitary ware.
We always dedicate ourselves to the quality slogan - "AAA European Quality Standard" and have set up a strict, standard and elaborate management system.
As one of the manufacturers with the most complete supporting products in China, our main products involved wall hung toilet & bidet, back to wall toilet & bidet, one piece toilet, two piece toilet and basin.
Zhongtao products market are for Europe, Asia ,Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

Sanitary Ware China Bathroom Disabled People Toilet with Handle


The seat height of the toilet for the disabled is higher than that of the ordinary toilet. The shape is round and smooth, which avoids unnecessary scratching hazards. The appearance is exquisitely designed. Some toilets for the disabled have special covers with limited positions. The feet are raised, and the buttons are raised with floating points.It is fired at a high temperature of 1280 degrees, with a smooth surface, antibacterial, cleanable, nano-glazed, durable and anti-fouling.

This product series have passed EN60335, EN12764, EN14428, EN15200, AS1172.1-2005 and AS1172.2-1999 tests, and obtained CE, WATERMARK and SASO quality certifications.

The disabled toilet is specially designed for people who have difficulty getting up, such as the elderly and people with knee joint injuries. It can relieve the burden on the user's legs and make it easy to get up and sit down independently, effectively improving the convenience and safety of using the toilet.

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