Founded in 1998, Guangdong Zhongtao Technology Co.,Ltd is a large-scale enterprise with nearly twenty years' experience making sanitary ware.
We always dedicate ourselves to the quality slogan - "AAA European Quality Standard" and have set up a strict, standard and elaborate management system.
As one of the manufacturers with the most complete supporting products in China, our main products involved wall hung toilet & bidet, back to wall toilet & bidet, one piece toilet, two piece toilet and basin.
Zhongtao products market are for Europe, Asia ,Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

Luxury Sanitary Wares Ceramic Auto Flush Urinal Sensor For Men


Urinal is a common sanitary ware in public toilets. It has many advantages:

Save space. The urinal can be hung on the wall or standing on the ground and does not take up much space.

Clean and hygienic, reduce odor. Install urinals so that men and women can use them separately. Whether it is a squat toilet or a sit-down toilet, men will inevitably splash onto the edge of the toilet when they urinate. Over time, bacteria can easily breed in the humid environment of the bathroom. Can cause health hazards to women.

Save water resources. The water flow in the urinal is much smaller than that of the toilet.

It is easy to use. For those with elderly people and children at home, having a urinal will not easily spill it on the floor when peeing.

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